Human trafficking or “sex trafficking” is a worldwide problem. There is not a country on this planet untouched by this heinous crime. I struggled to know where to begin addressing such a large subject and how to bring this issue to film. My search led me to India.
In India, there is an estimated 10 million lives trapped in the sex trade. Of these 10 million, an estimated 500,000 are children. Every day, 200 women and young girls enter prostitution, with 80% forced against their will, according to the Centre for Development and Population Activities. They are either sold into slavery by boyfriends, husbands, or family members looking for money, or kidnapped through various means of deception, such as the promise of a better life.
Director's Notes:
“The Story of Seema” is inspired by a friend of mine who works in India rescuing children from the red-light district in western India. I asked him to tell me a stereotypical story of how a woman in India becomes trapped in sex slavery. This is the story he told me. My hope is that this story moves you. It is my down payment for many more projects to come.
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     - Peter-John Campbell
Special thanks needs to be given to the team who spent countless hours creating this film.
Cast and Crew:
Samm Hodges – Graphic Designer and Animator
Maralynn Rochat – Illustrator
Douglas Cook – Cleanup Artist
Meenakshi Dash – Narrator
Steve Wick – Music
Eric Hufford – Final Audio Mix
Nate Caltrider - As Our Own Motion Graphics