Kodak Super 8
Kodak's new Super 8 is a must for any serious filmmaker. If you want the 'look' of film there's no better way to get that than shooting on actual film. Want to give it a go? You're in the right place. 
Currently serving Ohio (Local Pick up Akron/Canton/Cleveland) 

$250 a day
What's in the box?
Pelican Case
KODAK Super 8 Camera
Wide Angle 6 mm Lens 1:1.2
C-Mount Cap, Lens Cap and Lens Hood
Pistol Grip with trigger
KODAK Super 8 Camera Battery
Micro USB Charging Cable(s)
KODAK Super 8 Camera USB Power Adapter
Cleaning Cloth
Getting Started Guide
[film stock not included]

*more goodies coming soon*
Want to know more?
Kodak Super 8 Manual Data Sheet
You can order film directly from Kodak 
$31.99 for all stocks other than Ektachrome $42.99
if you want me to handle ordering for you 
I'm happy to do that for a service fee.

Kodak Film Stock Options 
Vision 3: 50D,  200T, 500T
Black and White
Tri-X ​​​​​​​
Film Labs
Once you have your film shot you'll need it developed and scanned, Kodak provides a list of Film Labs
I will gladly give you advice regarding labs. 
If you are needing help handling your order 
I am happy to do that for a small fee.
Thank you!