“At Claymore Pictures: We Make Crazy Happen,” that’s the motto Ohio award-winning filmmaker Peter-John Campbell lives by.  Simply put, Campbell makes stellar music videos for indie artists through his company, Claymore Pictures. His unique approach has garnered him global acclaim, winning both national and international film awards.
Created by our Graphic Designer David Loyola, our logo is based on the ancient Bronze Age symbol which was used when "information was missing, and it should be filled with imagination or memory.” In Claymore Pictures view, story drives everything, and story is as much about what you put in as it is with what you leave out. 
David being apart of the team for years, understands our approach and perfectly found a way to express our corporate personality, in six little dots.
The visuals are simple and minimalist and allows them to be manipulated for future applications with almost endless possibilities. The color palette is influenced heavily by films of the 90's and today drawing heavily from that aesthetic. The font, Steelfish Regular, was modified slightly to ensure that the kerning between the characters allowed them to align with the set of equality distributed "dots" in the symbol. 

If you would like to read more about David’s process click here
Nestled in the heart of North Canton, Ohio, Claymore Pictures generally operates in the Northeast Ohio zone.