The Interview: Finding the perfect woman is a calculated business.
Director Notes: This film was roughly a disaster.
The shoot went perfectly. We where in and out of the restaurant in 6 hours flat. You couldn't have asked for a better day. We sent the film off to get processed that night, and I was feeling great. "We'll flip this baby in a week," I thought.
But the next day when I booted-up the field recorder, I discovered that the hard-drive had failed on us. There was no audio, and we hadn't used a backup recorder - the only shoot I've ever done that I didn't bring a backup, and what do you know? (I've never made that mistake again). My heart sank. I took a long walk along Lake Michigan that night, unsure what to tell my crew. Thankfully, I remembered a book that I had read a few months before by David Yewdall, called "The Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound". There is a chapter in that book about what to do when you lose your audio. The first thing to remember is ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP! But in the event it happens, and especially when the actors adlib some of their lines, he addresses what to do. I am indebted to David's book, and also grateful that I learned my lesson on a short film.
Looping is hard enough when you have a reference track, but we were literally looking at silent film and trying to recreate all of the audio from scratch. For several weeks after the shoot, Eric and I worked endless hours in the studio looping with the actors. Reading lips, recording, re-watching, doing it again... It was a good learning experience, but one that I hope to never repeat.
I am grateful to Nick Murawski and Allison Bills, the two lead actors who gave so much of their time to this project, tirelessly repeating their lines over and over until we had it right. They are both rock stars in my book.
      -Peter-John Campbell
Nick Murawski
Allison Bills
Annie Hashley
Gillian Bellinger
Jacy Wojcik
Katie Nunn
Louisa Newberry
Monique Madrid
Steve Wick